More About Dave

I’m an award-winning writer in Michigan loaded with cool scripts and a pocket full of sunshine.

I have sold 6 scripts. I’ve had 3 movies produced. I’m also a published author, graphic novelist, and Sr. Writer at Bad Back Productions. I also had a sitcom pilot in development and I had a reality TV pilot (that I wrote for a client) picked up as well.

I’ve been successful in writing action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, rom-com, comic books, animation, reality TV, and I will gladly provide you with writing samples in each genre upon your request.

Whether I’m writing a script for myself or a client I hold it to the same high standards – the source material must be exciting, inspirational, and capable of creating a cinematic experience.

I’m a published writer on the art, craft, and business of screenwriting on… and

I have been a ghostwriter-for-hire through…

I’m a 5 star freelance screenwriter on…

And you can find me on LinkedIn…

I wrote a vacation planning guide to Walt Disney World in Florida and I have ghosted on other book projects as well. And I know how to construct a professional book proposal, too.

Professor Richard Walter, Screenwriting Chairman at UCLA said this about me: “You have always been among my favorite writers both on or off campus, and that’s saying something. Feel free to include my name as your writing mentor on your resume.”

You can contact me at

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