You have an idea.
Is it a movie?
TV show?

Not sure where to start?

I can help!

The first thing you need is a script.

Let me write it for you!

David Santo
47-Time Award-Winning Screenwriter, Producer, Director.

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I write award-winning screenplays that meet all of Hollywood’s standards. So, if your dream includes telling a story, I can help make your dream come true!

Let’s make something new together



I will write your screenplay. You retain 100% ownership.



Silver package + I will write supporting materials like a TV show proposal, series bible, logline and synopsis.


Gold package + I will personally pitch your script to 5 producers via email the same way I do mine. Success is hit-or-miss. I offer no guarantees to sell a script. But dreams are worth chasing!

50% deposit on all packages

No refunds

I have 4 produced movies. My book on how to write screenplays went to #1 on Amazon Kindle.

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I’m a member, producer, or part-owner of 5 different Web3 companies!

I also sold out my own NFT collection!

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